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          1. 浙江弘一新材料有限公司

            Zhejiang Hongyi New Material Co.,ltd.(Zhejiang Xinyu Dyestuffs&chemical Co.,Ltd) have become a manufacturer specialized in environment-friendly, mid/high-end Acid dyestuffs with an annual output of 10000 tons,15000tons of Leather Auxiliaries(chrome-free Tanning Agent,Basifying Agent). We have our own export company, Zhejiang Hongyi Chemical Co.,Ltd.We are technically strong with a team consisting of thirty senior/semi-senior technicias.,experts in dyestuff/intermediate synthesis and application, and technical advisors from abroad. We cooperate with Wenzhou University for developing leather auxiliaries and leather dyes . We have a full set of lab facilities and testing equipments.

            Zhejiang Hongyi New Material Co.,ltd. Copyright© All Rights Reserved
            Add: Shangyu City, Zhejiang Province, P.R.China 312369
            Tel:+86-575-82729766 82729777 81287758 Fax:+86-575-82729799 81287799 82043566
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